Shoot Stories • Desert Xpressions

A little galavant into the Coachella Valley, April 2017 and some light airs, lofty ideas. Mix with a spiced whiskey and you're all hot and set.
Behind the Scenes // Process II
Shoot Stories


A momentary slide of moving collage art that's featured in Beck's music video, 'Wow'.

I love this element because it represents a complexity of spirit and an elemental trajectory in a multi-media format. Combined with music, is compelling. Nods of confirmation that minimalist perspectives are stepping aside in favor of conceptual ambitions. The texture of shape, color, and female silhouettes are free of era vs. contemporary restraint. And going one step further, I am using the exact lyrics to embolden the aspirational concept. I find there is a lot of opportunity to develop tangible stories of dreamer personalities in the midst of evolution. 


She is out, loud. Gleaming with presence. She is actualized and ready to tell her story. Her life surrounded by complementary relationships in places free and uninhibited. A vagabond soaking in the elements with unapologetic stance and connection to any place she happens to find herself. 

She belongs. 


In this instance she is found reaching the outer limits where nature and art connect. A truly appropriate scene to compliment and project each others stature and existence in time. The set is the DesertX exhibition in the Coachella Valley desert ( As pictured, there are opportunities to present fractured perspectives, which will support the artwork and model as a mutual participant in culture. A true vagabond belongs where change connects. 


I'm currently in love with the eclectic clash of rule in Prada's Spring/Summer 17' collection. The bold colors and pattern provide an exciting juxtaposition on a sun beat desert landscape. The very artfully paired attire she wears will represent her personality with strength and individuality, in harmony with the exhibition elements she drawn to be with. Hair is sexy sleek, but slightly messy, as her presence isn't ruffled by slights of perceived imperfections. Her makeup is modern, fresh, futurist in suggestion, taking as many risks as she does. 

Love & Light, Xx