16 Little Luxuries • A Last Minute Gifting Fix

With the holidays already here, my thoughts quickly turn focus towards elation in 2017.

Gifting strikes a wonderful opportunity to bestow fresh inspiration for our loved ones homes, lives, and looks. In reaching beyond holiday excess, we're all on the verge of our own form of annual reinvention. It's important to remember that less is more. I'm actually a big believer in the one special gift, one that evokes a person, reminding you of someone you love. Where sentiment and quality rules over quantity. I did however, string some quite complimentary items together in this little haute holiday guide.

In thinking about what I'd like next year to start feeling like, I envision a January of light airy rooms. Crisp winter afternoons in the cold, but intensely bright iridescent light. How anything gilded seems to carry the reflection of the sun, in a mood saturated with tempered optimism while we wait for spring to blossom. It's a mix of now and then, and the days that carry us in between. New ideas, and little luxuries to revel in. Why not give some of that new energy this holiday. 
16 Last Minute Luxury Fixes
Because it always seems that the best things are found where you're least looking. . . 

Let's take it from the top:

Love & Light - Xx